About Us

Our Mission: To Improve the Health and Happiness of Families by Empowering, Educating, Enabling and Motivating Mums.

We believe in setting an example as good role models for our kids.  We lead by example through a healthy balanced life. We’re not focused on the numbers on the scales but more so on striving to be fitter, more toned and full of energy. Weight loss is just the bonus that comes with that.

As mothers we tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own. Mum’s on a Mission has come up with a fantastic child friendly system that allows mums to train in the company of their children. There’s no need for crèches, daycare or babysitters. We eliminate that extra cost to your fitness regime. Our motto is LIMITLESS FITNESS.

We know a fit, happy, healthy mum will find it easier to perform her daily duties. Not only will training with Mum’s on a Mission give you more energy, you will also notice a huge increase in stamina, strength, tone and a decrease in body fat and the wobbly bits that have been accentuated since pregnancy.

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