Where is my child while I’m training?

Depending on your child’s age they will either be in the pram by your side, crawling on the grass next to you or playing on the play equipment. We understand that at times you will have to step out of the class to attend to your child. This isn’t a problem just join back in when you can.

What is the buddy system?

Some sessions may involve running a short distance away from your child. If this is the case, you will buddy up with another mum and watch their children plus yours and vice versa.  This way we ensure no matter what is involved in the session there is always at least one set of eyes on your children. If the session involves a 1km run, one of you will run first while the other stays back with the children, you will then swap.

How long after giving birth can I train?

Generally you can start 6 weeks after a natural delivery and 8 weeks or longer after a Cesarean, however you must have a doctors clearance which you can get at your 6 week check up.

Can I train if I’m breastfeeding?

Absolutely.  You will need to ensure you are drinking more water (a minimum of 3 litres per day and extra on training days). You will also have to make sure your calorie intake is high enough to compensate for the training.  If you begin training and dramatically decrease your food intake your milk supply will drop. Having said that it’s important that your calorie intake is coming from healthy, nutritious foods. You can discuss this with your doctor at your 6 week check up.

Do I have to be a Mum to participate?

No, anyone can join us.  However you must be tolerant of the children being at the sessions.

What if my child is crying?

We don’t mind if your child is crying.  We are Mums too and at some point in time we will have the unsettled child.  If you need to attend to your child you can jump back in when you can.  If your child is in a pram I will send you for a short run with the baby and more often than not he/she will be asleep by time you return to the class.

What do I need to bring?

A towel, drink bottle, pram (if your baby will need it), toys or anything that will help keep your child amused and a happy positive attitude.

Can I bring snacks for my child?

Due to various food allergies, we ask that only fruit or vegetable snacks be brought along to the sessions.

Can I work out if I’m pregnant?

Please notify a trainer as soon as you are aware that you are pregnant so they can keep a close eye on you and make any necessary modifications to the exercises. You are completely safe to continue to exercise and we strongly recommend you do for as long as possible as this will help you regain your fitness after your new bundle of joy arrives. When you get to a point where you no longer feel comfortable or your doctor advises you to stop, your membership can be placed on hold for a maximum of 6 months.