Our Naturopath


B.H.Sc (Nat); Adv Dip Naturopathy; Cert. IV Fitness; Cert. IV Massage; Cert. VLA; Cert. Reflexology


Adam Hansen is a degree qualified Naturopath, Personal Trainer, Massage therapist, and VLA practitioner.  He has had a passionate interest in health and wellbeing for more than 15 years and has obtained numerous qualifications and skills such as; A Bachelor of Health Science, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Certificate IV in Massage therapy, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Certified VLA (Body composition) practitioner, Certificate of Reflexology and Level II Reiki practitioner.  He also regularly attends countless seminars and conferences on health and wellbeing to stay up to date with the latest research.

Adam is very passionate about finding out the real underlying problems as to why people are not achieving their health and wellbeing goals, he uses a number of investigative tools and tests to assess a clients health and wellbeing, and these tests may include: VLA Body composition testing,   Iridology, Tongue, Hair and Nail signs, Urinary Indicans testing, Body Ph testing, Zinc testing, Hair Mineral analysis, Complete digestive stool analysis, and Reflexology trigger points just to name a few.

Adam uses a number of complementary treatments to help people feel great!  After an initial consultation he will decide to use a form of treatment best suited to help you gain maximum results.  These treatments may range from; Herbal medicine, Homoeopathic medicine, Nutritional supplements, Dietary Guidelines, Stress management, Body work techniques, Detoxification, as well as Weight loss and Toning programs.

Having a consultation with Adam can fast track you to looking and feeling great!  Adam can show you how to increase your energy levels, improve inflammatory problems, improve digestive health, decrease body fat, increase stamina, improve joint health, increase body tone, improve your skin and most important of all FEEL GREAT!

Take the guessing game out of your health and wellbeing, why not see a professional dedicated to helping you achieve the results you deserve!